Our mission is to achieve positive outcomes and improve the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum living in London. We bring about change through our members’ collective evidence-based advocacy and influencing actions and by promoting informed policy and decisions by people in position of power.

We do this by:

  • Speaking directly to power: We create an open, transparent dialogue with policy and decision makers and we use evidence from our experience to highlight the issues facing refugee communities.
  • Creating a collective, stronger voice: We bring disparate refugee voices together to create a collective voice by working with refugees and people seeking asylum and enabling them to share their lived experience stories.
  • Building RCOs' campaigning capacity: We work with local RCOs to build their capacity and support their advocacy and influencing work.
  • Collaboration and co-production to influencing policy and practice: We collaborate to collect evidence about the impact of policy and practice on refugee communities, we identify gaps in service delivery; and we co-produce solutions to issues facing our people.